I joined the film industry in as a Camera Technician, 1984, fresh from engineering college, I worked primarily on Aaton film cameras. Met some very interesting cameramen & women with some incredible filming stories, in 1987 I decided to become a Camera Assistant / Focus Puller, spent most of the 90’s travelling the World on various filming assignments, primarily with the late great Director Brian Duffy & his DOP son Chris along with the odd dangerous documentary that often required all those engineering skills to keep the cameras on the road. When Duffy retired, I worked on a range of anthropology films with Chris Hooke for WGBH Boston, Discovery Channel & Channel 4 along with a host of TV Commercials,  Music videos and the occasional TV drama.

​  At the end of the 90’s I started shooting for myself, then in 2001 I decided to ground myself a little by designing & creating The Camden Studio, built based on my filming experiences prior to 2001.  I had 20 years of running a busy studio in management, DOP or as the Gaffer on over 2,000 shoots, from a woman in a bath to live horses, creating some top class known lighting Gaffers on the way, all out there working in our industry, I am very proud of that success.  Sadly developers bought the area up in 2000 and we had to leave, however this gave us the unique opportunity to get back out on the road ourselves as a location lighting company the place I enjoy the most and where I've always been the most effective, the more challenging the better.  After spending 6 months worth of preparing lighting, refurbishing and buying new, we are now  fully open, a bespoke lighting service, ready to light your shoot. 

   My background experience and knowledge are second to none, I know what the DOP wants because I know what he's thinking, this makes a great combination to build your vision into a reality on the ground. 


Max  Gregory


Max joined the company in 2012, already a qualified electrician & plumber, straight away became a great asset to the team.  First put under the wing of John Turley my Gaffer, Max got stuck in immediately and flourished under John's tuition and soon became a very competent knowledgeable electrician with good eye to light a scene.  Max can handle all aspects of a shoot on location or studio, either on his own or with a team of electricians.  


Take a look at my show reel here and drop us a line for a chat.


Peter (Conan) Gregory